Our Concept

The Local will serve up American Classic cuisine, which consists of comfort food that evokes memories of warm family gatherings and leisurely meals filled with friendship and laughter from an earlier time. At The Local, we will spend the time in the kitchen so you can spend your time lingering at the table with family and friends enjoying a homemade meal - simple, hearty fare made from fresh ingredients with the delicious smells and rich flavors that only time in the kitchen can produce.

What’s in a name?

At The Local, it’s a lot. In small towns and villages across the globe, the establishment in each town that has the best food, drink, and ambiance has been traditionally known as “the Local.” We hope to live up to our name in every way, combining the best food and drink in town with a relaxed atmosphere to create a popular spot with a feeling of community and longevity.

Our Focus

Variety: The Local incorporates variety at every level. The menu contains a wide variety of selections, including specialty coffees, fresh breakfast tacos, box lunches, deli-style hot and cold sandwiches, soup, kids’ food, casseroles, rotisserie chicken, entrees and side dishes, salads, freshly baked bread, cakes, cookies, pies, and other desserts.

Quality: Only the highest quality, fresh ingredients will go into the food offered by The Local. Care has been taken in choosing vendors to assure that our produce is always fresh and that we take advantage of the seasonal availability of a wide variety of choices. The Local will go to the extra effort in preparation in order to control the quality of fare.

Speed: The Local will feature food that is fast, but never "fast food."

Cleanliness: At The Local, cleanliness is the most important aspect of our operations. From our kitchen to our dining room to our patio to our restrooms, we expect it and our guests deserve it.