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Our Story


What’s in a name?

At The Local, it’s a lot. In small towns and villages across the globe, the establishment in each town that has the best food, drink, and ambiance has been traditionally known as “the Local.” We hope to live up to our name in every way, combining the best food and drink in town with a relaxed atmosphere to create a popular spot with a feeling of community and longevity.

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Since 2004

The Local serves up American Classic cuisine, which consists of comfort food that evokes memories of warm family gatherings and leisurely meals filled with friendship and laughter from an earlier time. At The Local, we will spend the time in the kitchen so you can spend your time around the table with family and friends enjoying a homemade meal - simple, hearty fare made from fresh ingredients with the delicious smells and rich flavors that only time in the kitchen can produce.

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